Friday, October 23, 2009

Chicago's Granger "Hall of Gems" Opens Today

The Field Museum of Natural History, in Chicago, IL, is one of the leading natural history museums in the country. Of special interest to jewelry collectors is their permanent exhibits in the Grainger Gem Gallery which will reopen today, October 23, 2009 after some recent renovations.

This wonderful display has exhibits of over 300 gems, as well as precious stones, semi-precious stones and other mineral artifacts and displays.

Viewers can "explore the natural beauty of Earth’s gems and witness their magical transformation from rough specimens, to stunning stones, to spectacular jewelry" in The Field Museum’s newly renovated hall. On display are exquisite rare jewels from around the world, as well as never-before-seen creations from top designers.

Photo courtesy of Chicago Field Museum

One of my favorite displays is the fabulous engraved diamond pin with a portrait of King Wiilliam III of the Netherlands, shown in the photo here. The diamond is mounted on a gold stick pin and features a 2.1 carat diamond by Tiffany & Co. The pin was first displayed at the Paris Exposition in 1878 and was purchased by Tiffany. it is now part of the original gem collection in Granger Hall.

The exhibit is a permanent display, so be sure to include a visit in your next trip to Chicago. For those that can't attend, the Field Museum has a highlights area on their site.

This YouTube Video also has a video walk around of the Grainger Hall but I think this may have been before the reopening of the hall. The video is a bit dark and shaky, but will give an idea of the scope of the exhibit.

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