Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jeweler's Choice Awards Design Contest 2010

JCK magazine has just announced that its third annual "Jewelers Choice Awards" will soon be held. The contest is the first industry design competition to harness the internet and allow retailers to vote for their favorite designs.

There are 18 diufferent product categories with several price points in each. No matter the area of jewelry design that is your focus, there is likely to be a category for you with everything from symthetic to natural stones and best of each earring, bracelet, etc category. They even have a bridal design category.

Retailers from around the country will be invited to visit the JCK website to case their vote for their favorites in each of the categories. The winners will be announced in January and they will be promoted in various print mediums.

The design contest rules and regulations are on the website, and you can download an entry form here. Deadline for submissions is September 25.

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