Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fabergé Introduces New High End Jewelry Line

Fabergé, the company famous for its fabulous ornately jeweled eggs has introduced a high end jewelry line, the first since 1917. The pieces in the collection, inspired by founder Peter Carl Faberge, range from a retail price of 40,000 € to the princely sum of 7 million €. The average price tag is about 140,000 €($200,000 US dollars.)

The South African financial firm Investec, along with other investors has teamed up with Pallinghurst Resources to buy the name with a plan to revive the Russian heritage. They invited Peter Carl Fabergé's two surviving great grandaughters, Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé, to form a Fabergé council to advise the management of the company, so that the family's legacy would be preserved.

The pieces will not be available through third party retailers, but will only be sold via their website and at a single Fabergé store in Geneva, Switzerland. But shopping for your next Fabergé jewelry piece won't be the equivalent of putting your item in a shopping cart at Instead, interested clients will get their own personal sales adviser, who will, if necessary, fly to them from Geneva to show the jewels in person.

And their famous Fabergé eggs? According to the company's CEO Mark Dunhill, "We've no plans to launch them," says Dunhill. The eggs, first commissioned from the House of Fabergé by Tzar Alexander III as an Easter gift to his wife in 1885, and a tradition followed by his successors. were specific to the time and place. For now, Fabergé is all about finding a new self online, as well as around the necks, wrists and fingers of some of the world's wealthiest people."

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