Monday, September 28, 2009

Collector's Weekly Visits the Antique Roadshow - Inside Look

Collectors Weekly had the opportunity to visit a taping of the PBS series, the Antiques Roadshow, recently. They are longtime fans of the show, and had always been curious about Roadshow. So when they were offered backstage passes for the show’s August 2009 taping in San Jose, and free reign to wander the set and talk to whomever they wanted, they jumped at the chance!

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If you ever wonder how the show really works and who gets chosen to appear on the TV Show, you will enjoy this article. It gives an in depth look at the henind the scene look and also some viewpoints from the executive producer of the show and some of the appraisers.

My favorite part of the article is their discussion of the jewelry table, of course. While they were there, Adam Patrick of A La Vielle Russie, Inc. examined an Elks fob from the early 20th century. The piece is made of 14k yellow gold, includes a diamond and a sapphire, and holds an elk's tooth. It was appraised at $750 to $800.

For more of this fascinating article about the Antiques Roadshow, you can visit the Collector's Weekly website.

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