Saturday, August 29, 2009

Textile Jewelry by Silvina Romero

I am enchanted by the jewelry of a talented Argentinian jewelry designer that I have just discovered. Silvina Romero makes gorgeous, colorful, and very tactile jewelry out of recycled pieces of fabric and textiles.

The artist started working with discarded textiles in 2003 when the Argentinian economic crisis was at its height. She gathered scrap fabril, thread and more in an area where the fabric manufacturers were set up. She turned their trash into her treasures and has since been recognized for her unique pieces of wearable art.

According to her website, she makes the jewelry by means of different treatments like dyeing, surrounding ,weaving, and unraveling, so that the original materials transformed into diverse textures.

Here are a few of her designs:

You can view more of her jewelry on her website. (scroll down for a photo gallery when you get to the website.

With our economy in such a depressed state, perhaps it is an opportunity for local jewelry designers to take a page from her book and become "green by necessity."

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