Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MAD Exhibition of Glass in Contemporary Jewelry

Readers of my blog know that I adore glass in jewelry. I just love the weight of it and the coolness that is present when worn, especially at the neckline.

The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City has a wonderful exhibition running at present called "GlassWear", which showcases glass in contemporary jewelry. This international exhibition opened on July 15, 2009 and will run until September 20. It has been organized jointly MAD and the Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, Germany, and displays over 120 appealing glass jewelry pieces by 60 of the world's leading jewelry artists.

The pieces tend to be mainly by contemporary artists, but there are also several from the 1960s. The brooch shown here is from 2005 and is from Austrian artist Helfried Kodré. It comes from a private German collection and is made of silver and mosaic glass. You can view more of his pieces here. I am fond of mosaics, so all of his pieces appeal to me. The styles are very avant garde and have a modern Art Deco look to them.

According to the museum, GlassWear conveys the potential of glass in jewelry through provocative concepts and masterful techniques featuring an eclectic mix of renowned artists and young, up-and-coming jewelers from around the world.

Some of the artists include: Linda MacNeil, Robert Ebendorf and Thomas Gentille (United States), Giampaolo Babetto and Giorgio Vigna (Italy), Otto Künzli and Karl Fritsch (Germany), Evert Nijland and Ruudt Peters (The Netherlands) as well as many other international artists. The exhibit comes with a 210 page English and German catalogue (English/German) which includes 72 color images, a bibliography and brief artists' biographies.

For more information and times of the exhibit GlassWear, as well as photos of many of the exhibits, please visit the MAD website.

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