Thursday, August 27, 2009

Late Summer Reading - Necklaces and Pendants by Angie Boothroyd

The summer is coming to an end and the kids are about to start school, so it's time (at least for me) to catch up on some reading. I'm always looking for new and interesting jewelry books that I haven't read or seen before.

I've discovered a great book for those of you who like to make jewelry. It's by London designer Angie Boothroyd who is an outstanding goldsmith and modern day alchemist. She isn't content to just design - Angie actually makes her own metal alloys to create 18 and 22 carat golds for her products.

Each of her pieces is made by hand, with great attention to design and details, so the pieces are of the highest quality. The designs are both simple and elegant. Angie has exhibited her pieces world wide.

This book is her first and is called Necklaces and Pendants, published by A&C Black. It focuses on making necklaces and pendants and offers step by step projects which are suitable for beginners and skilled jewelers as well. It is well illustrated with practical "teaching photographs" and contains gallery style images of her work.

The book is available from leading book retailers world wide.

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