Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jewelry That Looks Good Enough to Eat! Cora Sheibani

I'm always on the look out for unusual jewelry that I haven't come across in my experience with vintage and contemporary jewelry. Since, cooking is also one of my hobbies and ongoing loves, it was particularly interesting to me to learn about Swiss born designer Coro Sheibani.

Photo credit: Matthew Hollow

Several years ago, Cora ran into a production glitch and spent the afternoon eating pastries in Zurich. She made the aquaintance of a goldsmith who had antique molds for making candy and pastries. Ms Cheibani was very taken with the molds, and started collecting them. Since then some of her jewelry is influenced by pastry designs.

Whether whimsical or elegant, her gems sometimes look like items that could be found on a pastry cart. Of course, they look even better on your wrist or finger.

Done in precious metals and stones, her pieces are not inexpensive. Look for price tags around $5000-$10,000. Ms Sheibani has exhibited in New York, London and Switzerland, among other international countries.

Here is a good example of this style of jewelry. I can't decide whether to go make this Lindzer torte or think about wearing it on my finger. It certainly is realistic looking.

She is also the author of the book "Copper Mold Jewellery." The book has recipes for cooking and pictures of her pieces modeled after the finish product.

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