Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graff Diamonds of London is the site of Britain's Biggest Jewelry Heist

On August 8th, two armed men entered Graff Diamonds Jewelry store in Mayfair, London and stole £23 million - approximately $65 million dollars worth of rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches. There were forty-three items taken in total including the yellow radiant cut and white marquise and round diamond earrings shown here.

One of the female empyolees was taken out of the premises at gunpoint. She was later released unharmed. Warning shots were fired as the men fled the scene. The theives were brazen - they were unmasked and caught on video camera.

The items stolen were with encrusted with almost 1,500 individual diamonds, so the likely intent of the theives was to remove the stones from mountings and disperse them through several hands.
Previous to this, Britain’s biggest diamond jewellery robbery is believed to be a £23 million raid, which also took place at Graff's, in 2003, by the Pink Panther gang of robbers, featured in a previous blog of mine. How unlucky to be the holder of this dubious record twice!

The UK Guardian has a photo spread of much of the jewelry stolen in the 2009 Graff jewelry heist as well as the video which shows the robbers entering the store.

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