Monday, August 17, 2009

Alexander Calder Exhibit in San Diego - Wearable Mobiles

The worldwide exhibition of Alexander Calder's fabulous and unique jewelry is back in the USA after having been on view at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. The current display opened on July 25,2009 and will remain at the San Diego Museum of Art until January 3, 2010.

Alexander Calder was born into a family of well-known artists in 1898. His career began with his first wire sculpture in 1925. By 1930, he began to experiment with abstract designs and soon added added moving parts to his works, which he later named "mobiles." He died in 1976 and his works have long been appreciated by jewelry aficionados and art enthusiasts alike.

From an armor-like necklaces to the nearly 10-inch long brooch shown here, (given to his sister on her 23rd birthday), the jewelry may not sound like the most practical of accessories but they would certainly be a change from the normal run of the mill fashion accessories.

Photo by Maria Robledo

If you live in San Diego, you are in for a treat! For those who won't be there, I have found a YouTube video showing some of Calder's works which were on display when the exhibit was at the Philadelphia Museum of art last year. The video is made by the curator at the museum and shows Calder's works as well as giving info on his life and his creations. You can view the video here:

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