Monday, July 20, 2009

Winner's announced in the 7th Annual Ugly Necklace Competition - 2009

The winners have been announced for the 7th Annual Ugly Necklace Competition hosted by the Lands of Odds Website. I just love this quirky contest and am always eager to see if my choice was the winner. But alas, not this year. My favorite was the big floral necklace by Jolynn Casto, but she came in fourth. It is beginning to appear that I cannot choose ugly necklaces!

The winner for 2009 is Lynn Margaret Davy from Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom. Her necklace features all manner of Chinese, Japanese and Czech glass beads made into leaves, strings, and what appears to be a dreamcatcher.

As with all the other contestants, Lynn has a poem to go along with her creation which sort of explains the process:

The Story Of My Beading Life...

Unfinished objects - UFOs.
All beaders have a lot of those,
Enthusiastically started
Before you got a bit half-hearted.

I pick beads up, I start to stitch,
But just can't make decisions... which
Of all these beads spread on my table
Will make this cuff most fanci-able?

And so I put it to one side,
Leave it till later to decide,
Get out some other beads and things
And start a range of fancy rings.

One ring down and six to make...
My beady willpower starts to flake.
I know, I'll stitch some leafy collars
In hopes of earning lots of dollars.

Half way along, with leaves aplenty
(17, 18, 19, 20...),
My eyes are closing and I'm yawning.
I'll make the others in the morning.

That night I have a great idea
Seen in a dream all bright and clear.
I'll win Bead Dreams! Find fame and glory!
By lunch next day, a different story...

Rings, cuff and collar still half-made,
N0w I need beaded beads to trade.
This one is wonky, here's a flat one,
Won't even try to finish that one...

And so the pile of UFOs
Just multiplies and grows and grows.
However many things I bead,
I never have the time I need

To finish them, to make and mend
And fasten off each dangling end.
I have unfortunate suspicions
These are my beady life's conditions

And when at last I've served my time-O
And fate steps in to cut my Nymo
I'll plead and argue all the way
To live and bead just one more day

And when the Reaper comes for me
I'll go with him reluctantly
My plaintive cry still undiminished:
"I can't go yet -- I HAVEN'T FINISHED!"

Here is her creation in all its glory. Well done, Lynn.

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