Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's in Katie Holmes' Jewelry Box

It's time for another lighthearted chapter in my ongoing series about the jewelry preferences of some of the popular stars and starlets. Today, we will peek into Katie Holmes' jewelry box.

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Katie was born in 1978 and first achieved fame for her role in the WB drama Dawson's Creek. Her movie roles have ranged from art house files to blockbusters such as Batman Begins.

When I studied photos of Katie, one thing became really apparent. Not only does she like to wear jewelry, but she loves necklaces. Finally, I've found a starlet that wears them often!

Readers of my blog know that I am not a fan of the minimalist look at the neckline, especially when the whole top part of the chest is bare, which many stars tend to favor. So, finding a star who actually enjoys wearing necklaces really appealed to me.

Here is a peek into her jewelry box, showing a wide range of neckaces, a few earring styles and her much talked about ring from Tom Cruise. Go Katie!

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