Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today's Jewelry Exhibit - Contemporary Silversmiths at Aaron Farber

My main interest is vintage jewelry, but I also have a love for sterling silver jewelry from all periods. I was browsing online and came across an interesting jewelry exhibit at the Aaron Farber Gallery in New York.

This wonderful gallery was founded in 1974 by Edward Faber and is a showcase for artist-made jewelry presented in the studio jewelry section, for which the gallery is world-famous. In 1980, Edward Faber also began collecting and presenting vintage watches and timepieces, and this personal passion grew into a formidable part of the gallery's design collection. Mr. Faber is co-author of "American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design", now in its third printing.

The Farber studio exhibits change 6 times annually and they currently have a fabulous exhibit of contemporary silversmith's jewelry on show. The exhibit opened on June 23 and will be on display until August 8, 2009.

Artists show here include Marilyn Cooperman, Claude Chavent, and Sydney Linch. Here are a few peeks at some of their pieces. You can view more photos of the other exhibiting artist's works here.

Photo credit Aaron Farber Gallery

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