Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michelle Obama loves Vintage Brooches

I've been meaning to write a blog about all the vintage brooches that Michelle Obama has been seen wearing. When I read about her latest overseas trip and saw - not just one, but two djfferent styles, I decided it was time to show case some of the designs that I've seen her wear and to show her spin on the normal look.

Michelle is a fashion individualist. She has her own sense of style and plays around with looks to create a fresh new look to both her wardrobe and her jewelry choices.

This photo of her in Moscow is a good example of her fondness for what I like to call "statement brooches." She rarely wears a small pin, and if she does, she'll couple it with another or even two or three more to make a big fashion statement. The brooch is a rare 1960s vintage piece made of paper mache, which was purchased at Ikram.

Photo credit Alessia Pierdomenico - Reuters

Later in the day she changed clothes (and pins!) for a day at the Coloseeum with her daughers. For this occasion she chose an Erickson Beamon turquoise brooch that she pinned at the neckline. This brooch isn't new for her. It was first seen at the national Democratic Convention in August 2008. Once again - it's a big style and floral. Michelle seems to really like flowers, in both her jewelry choices and in her clothing styles.

Say what you will about her choices - Mrs. Obama can certainly put a fresh spin on an old style. She loves vintage brooches, but she plays with them. Whether it is the combination of two corsage pins in plastic together to make a huge statement, a peacock pin at her waist or a vintage brooch at the neckline of her inaugural outfit, she knows how to make an old pin look like a new style.

One choice that is really unusual is to combine two or three pins together with a chain to make them look like a necklace. She has done the same thing with pearls and a big pink pin for an unusual "statement necklace" look.

Here is a peek at some of these jewelry styles and more.

What do you think of her spin on vintage brooches? Personally, I love the way she wears them. It shows her creativity and individual personality, and that appeals to me. Even if I don't care for the pins themselves - I still love what she does with them.

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  1. I love all these brooches and she has a unique way of wearing and displaying them! Great article!



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