Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's in Catherine Zeta Jones' Jewelry Box?

This is another chapter in my peek into the jewelry boxes of popular stars. Today we examine the content of Catherine Zeta Jones' jewelry box. This is always a fun experience for me. I never know when I starting looking to see what type of jewelry is worn by my latest star. Sometimes, it matches up with the image I have in my mind and sometimes it's very very different.

Photo credit thecinemasource.com

My impression of Ms. Jones is that of a woman who would wear very little jewelry, other than perhaps long dangly earrings.

Many stars who are voluptuous do not wear much in the way of necklaces. My daughter says it is so "that people will look at their boobs." My impression was totally incorrect, however. Catherina Zeta loves necklaces of all kinds.

And it's not only necklaces that she is fond of. This lady loves her jools, whether it be the earrings I pictured her in, or big bold bracelets, bib and statement necklaces, or rings and things.

Here is a peek into her jewelry box. Do the photos match up with your previous impression of her?

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