Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jewelry at the MTV movie awards - 2009

I enjoy looking at red carpet photo shoots to see what the latest trend in jewelry is from the current run of movie stars. Normally, the choices are elaborate and overstated, even in these hard economic times.

It was interesting to see the jewelry choices at the 2009 MTV Movie awards hosted a few days ago. There was bling, of course, there is always bling, but my main impression was a range of totally understated jewelry choices.

This may be the norm for this event. I've never covered it before, but it was still interesting. The styles of clothing were more casual, so this may be the reasoning for this understatement in the jewelry lines too.

Photo credit

Jewelry Insider has a nice photo spread of various stars with jewelry on their facebook page. One of my favorites is this unique four row leopard cuff bracelet worn by Megan Fox at the event. It's a very funky and right up to the minute choice. Be sure to have a look at the other photos. It's an interesting comparision with the recent Academy awards and Golden Globes ceremonies.

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