Friday, May 29, 2009

What's in Nicole Kidman's Jewelry Box?

Peeking inside Nicole Kidman's jewelry box is a real treat for a jewelry lover and it tells me one thing - I've finally found a star who really loves jewelry! Red Carpet and promo photos of her all demonstrate this.

The minimalist look certainly isn't for this popular Oscar winner. She loves all types of jewelry, but seems to have a particular fondness for statement necklaces - as well as necklaces in general, something that one doesn't often see in Hollywood recently. She also seem to really like dangle earrings, and all manner of bling.

Nicole Kidman Photo credit

And when I say statement necklaces, I'm not using the word lightly. This lady likes to wow us, as this photo from a the 2008 Oscar's ceremony shows - it fills up her whole chest and then some.

Here are photos of more necklaces since this seems to be Nicole's favorite jewelry accessory:

And finally here is a further look into her jewelry box. What do you think of her choices?

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