Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's in Meryl Streep's Jewelry Box?

I'm feeling lighthearted today, so it's time for another chapter in my ongoing series about the jewelry preferences of some of the popular stars and starlets. Today, we will peek into Meryl Streep's jewelry box.

Meryl presented a challenge for me. She isn't one of the most public stars around and many of her red carpet appearances were for roles that were somber and understated, where the character didn't wear jewelry at all.

Her normal appearances show either a complete lack of jewelry of note or the presence of earrings. She seems to prefer dangles and hoops to other styles. My all time favorite shot of her is the one here from Mama Mia. It is so wistful and typical of her character.

Photo credit UK daily Mail

Two main exception to her minimalist look are these huge statement necklace that she wore to the academy awards ceremony in 2007, and the large chain necklace she wore to the Australian premiere of Mama Mia, which are featured here. Oddly enough the biggest statement necklace was worn well before the current trend for this type of necklace.

Here are a few other choices that she has been seen sporting. The pretty cameo earrings were for this year's Oscar's ceremony. I love cameos, so these are my favorites.

What do you think of her jewelry choices?


  1. Meryl Streep is amazing! And yes, her jewelry choices are always interesting as well. I love the picture you posted of her!

  2. I love Meryl Streep and her choices of jewelry are usually so classy and gorgeous :) The long black earrings you posted above are so pretty!



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