Sunday, May 10, 2009

Michelle Obama's Statement Necklace is a Hit

Our first lady is known for her unique style in clothing and jewelry. She is as likely to show up in kooky (and pricey) Lanvin sneakers as she is to appear in a black sleeveless dress and white pearls. And we all know about her fondness for vintage jewelry.

She recently attended the White House Correspondents Dinner wearing a fitted fuchsia sheath dress and spectacular statement necklace. And make a statement it does, although in an understated way, in my opinion. I think the look is perfect.
Photo credit Mandal Ngan/Getty Images

The necklace is a design by St. Erasmus, a UK based jewelry designer, Pieter Erasmus. The statement necklace is made of fresh-water-pearls, Swarovski crystal and Zari thread - a fine gold or silver wire thread usually woven into Indian and Pakistani garments. The designer used the Zari thread to crochet intricate mesh that support the pearls and stones. The pink flower shape is indeed part of the necklace and not a brooch which has been added, as Michelle has been fond of doing in the past.

The necklace does indeed make a statement and polishes off the look to her fuchsia sheath dress beautifully, especially since the dress is floor length. Here is a close up of the fabulous design:

Photo credit St. Erasmus

This particular outfit brought many of her fashion trademarks together in a cohesive way - bright color, statement jewelry and, of course, her much discussed bare arms. The look is a real home run for the First Lady.

What do you think of the look?


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  2. thanks for sharing .. the picture is superb .. .



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