Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Guide for Creative uses of Vintage Jewelry

I am always looking for different and unusual ways to use or wear vintage jewelry. Sometimes, I'll write about an idea that a customer of mine has used. Sometimes, I just try to "get lucky" on google and see what I can find.

Ebay seller artjewelry4u has written a guide on just this subject. She really got creative and came up with a whole list of ideas. Some are definitely out there and not for me, but others are inventive and clever.

Her list is done in two parts
  1. How to wear vintage jewelry in unusual ways
  2. How to use vintage jewelry to decorate

One of my favorites is her idea to use old chain necklaces for bookmarks by attaching a small charm or pendant to each end. Cut the chain to 8" length first, and make sure the charms or pendants (and the chain in my opinion) are the flat style. These would make cute little hand made gifts.

You can read her guide on creative ways to wear and decorate with vintage jewelry here.

I searched on ebay and found the cute chain bookmark pictured here. It is hand made by seller sheenasuesoup from Australia and features a cute fairy and flower design.

Your imagination is the key here - just dig into that jewelry box and see what you can come up with!

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