Monday, May 4, 2009

Cartier's Celebrates 100 Years in America

On April 30, Cartier's celebrated its 100 years in America at their 5th Avenue New York Boutique. To mark the occasion, an exhibition entitled Cartier… 100 Years of Passion and Free Spirit in America was unveiled. This exhibit showcases 100 one-of-a-kind Cartier Collection creations and includes several pieces loaned from private collections of some of Cartier’s most celebrated clients. The exhibition runs through May 21st before moving to Cartier’s Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive boutique, where it will run from June 1 to 14 2009.

photo credit: Christopher Smith/Christopher Smith

This fabulous "Tutti Frutti" double-clip brooch is one of the displays. It was made by Cartier in 1935, and has the most exquisite combination of stones. It belonged to Mrs. Cole Porter.

It used to be that only the likes of Kings and Queens could afford Cartier, but the A list of stars were in abundance at the opening of the exhibit. Those present on the opening night were Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Sir Elton John, Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, Patti Smith, Martha Stewart and Justin Timberlake, along with many other A listers.

Also, Cartier itself, like most of its competitors, has long ago expanded its scope to include perfume and eyewear for the populace, stuff that lacks the stunning glamour of an emerald demi parure but that does a lot for a company’s bottom line.

The New York times has a fabulous slide show of the Cartier exhibit showing pieces on loan from the Duchess of Windsor, the wife of Irving Berlin, Barbara Hutton, Mrs. Randolph Hearst and others. It is well worth a view if you love exquisite jewelry.

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