Monday, April 27, 2009

Star's Jewelry - What's in Julia Roberts' Jewelry Box?

This is another chapter in my ongoing series about the jewelry preferences of some of the popular stars and starlets. Today, we will peek into Julia Roberts' jewelry box. I seem to be finding somewhat of a pattern here. Most of the stars that I've chosen really don't wear a lot of jewelry at all. Julia Roberts is no exception.

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Recent red carpet photos of this popular star show a fondness for earrings. She has been seen sporting hoops, dangles and studs and she seems to always wear one style or another.

Finding other jewelry styles was a challenge though. She rarely wears bracelets except on the runway and then chooses wide diamond cuff bracelets. The same is true for necklaces - she almost never seen in them.

I've seen one photo of her wearing a lovely brooch that looks vintage. One notable exception to all of these choices is this huge statement necklace. It has an almost Egyptian Revival look and certainly makes her stand out in a crowd!

Here is a little peek into her jewelry box for some of her recent choices:

What do you think of her choices? My favorite the the rhinestone brooch, of course!

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