Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Michelle Obama's Overseas Trip Showcases her Jewelry Choices

The news media and fashionistas have been following Michelle Obama's recent overseas trip with President Obama with a frenzy. Discussion of their meetings with famous dignitaries, fashion labels and, of course, her jewelry choices have been the talk of the last week.

Michelle had a distinctive style for the trip. She wasn't a first lady in suits. She continued her normal style of pretty dresses, often with little sweaters worn on top. Her choice of jewelry was more limited - with pearls the jewelry of choice this week. This photo of her at Downing Street early in the tip seemed to typify this look.

Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Her labels included some of her favorite designer names such as J. Crew, Thakoon, Jason Wu, Michael Kors, Isabel Toledo and Jimmy Choo with a sprinkling of designers, not as normally seen being worn by her, such as Azzedine Alaia.

What stuck me is that her jewelry choices didn't have the same individuality that she normally has on homeland soil. Where were the trio of vintage brooches that she is often seen wearing? Hardly a brooch in sight all week other than one that she wore with a Thakoon ivory tulle tweed coat with grosgrain piping when she arrived in London.

Pearls were in abundance though. She seemed to wear them on most days of the week. Other consistent choices this week were diamond earrings and the occasional bunch of bangle bracelets.

Here are some of her jewelry choices for the week:

For a video of Michelle Obamas trip some creative person made a YouTube video:

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