Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Jewelry By Juliana and Faberge

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a time for religioius celebrations and lighthearted Easter egg hunts. Not exactly the sort of day to bring to mind jewelry discussions, but there are two that do come to my mind: Juliana Easter Egg Jewelry, and magnificent Fabergé eggs,

Easter Egg cabochons are just as you might imagine from a name like this. These stones are very colorful art glass cabochons in all colors of the rainbow, and were normally set in combination with normal rhinestones or aurora borealis stones. These colorful cabochons were used often in the manufacture of Juliana Jewelry, made by the DeLizza and Elster jewelry company.

This lovely brooch uses purple Easter egg stones in combination with pretty bright pink rhinestones and AB rhinestones. Almost good enough for an upscale Easter Egg hunt.

Juliana brooch Photo credit Morning Glory Antiques

And what discussion of Easter Jewelry would be complete without mentioning Fabergé Eggs?

Easter is one of the most joyful celebrations of the Russian Orthodox Faith. After the devout church services, members of the church gather to exchange gifts of decorated Eggs. In 1885, the Czar Alexander III of Russia, commissioned a young jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé, whose beautiful creations had caught the eye of his wife Maria, to create a unique decorated egg for her.

A total of 69 eggs were created between the years 1885 and 1917, mainly to be offered as gifts to the great czars of Russia, as Easter Eggs. These stunning eggs continue to delight today. They are priceless masterpieces, owned by a very few and admired by many.

I must admit that while I have neither of these eggs in my Easter Basket this year, I can still dream.

Here is an interesting YouTube video showing a Faberge egg Exhibit at the R & R Bond Gallery: (please note - it is set to music)

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