Saturday, April 18, 2009

Creative Use of Jewelry - Wisdom Teeth as Earrings

My parents are visiting from Maine for about 10 days or so. We went to Greensboro yesterday to watch a Music concert in which my daughter was performing. They performed the Mozart Mass and it was a lovely day out.

After the concert we went out to dinner at Tripp's and my dad was telling one of his stories. He's a great story teller and loves to comment on all sorts of things. Most of the stories are repeats but we love him a lot and always laugh no matter how often we have heard it. He has a flair for doing repeats and still making them funny.

One of his favorite shows is Jeopardy. We had been talking about my blog and my series about the creative use of jewelry posts that I sometimes do. Well, dad had a "story" that he said I could write about.

On a recent episode of Jeopardy, he said that a female contestant had described how she had her wisdom teeth into a pair of earrings. She was wearing them on the show for "wisdom." (Unfortunatley for her, she lost - so the idea didn't work.) But still, it was creative. My daughter loves the idea. She was disappointed her wisdom teeth were gone!

I had a look on google to see if this was some sort of fad, and found that all sorts of jewelry is being made from wisom teeth. This site called Trend de la Cream has a whole groupd of various jewelry items made from or in the shape of teeth.

If you have an interesting story about the creative use of jewelry, please share it with me and I'll be glad to feature you in a future blog.


  1. How about earrings made from recycled bicycle parts? Go to to check out earrings and all sorts of other jewelry made from recycled bike parts. Very cool.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I had a look at the link. Interesting stuff. Will feature it in the next blog post on creatives uses of jewelry.


  3. Have you seen the products made by polly van der glas? They made accessories made from tooth and hair. Just search about it.




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