Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Use of Jewelry - Bicycle Parts as Necklaces and Earrings

I love to write about the creative uses of jewelry that I find. This blog post is sort of a reversal of that. I found a site that uses recycled bicycle parts to remake into pieces of jewelry. The site is called Re-Cycled Accessories. When I looked at their site, I discovered that they use all sorts of bicycle parts to model their jewelry - from recycled bike chains, spokes, bike cogs, brake and shifter cables, wheel bearings and spoke nipples.

The designs are unsual and modern and would be great gift ideas for that outdoor enthusiast? They would also be perfect items to give as a mountain biker gift or a triathlete gift.

This creative web site makes all sorts of jewelry from the recycled bike parts. I had a look at their designs and found chain bracelets with a clever hidden catches, bicycle chain necklaces, a chain mail choker, bicycle spoke bangles, titanium earrings, and bike cog belt buckles. They even have a category for formal wear!

The necklace featured here is one of five designs in that category. It is a chain maille choker which reuses bicycle chain links and jump rings.

Do you have a story or site about the creative use of jewelry? Let me know and I may feature you in my blog series about this topic.

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