Friday, March 20, 2009

Vintage Jewelry Designers - Who am I?

Let's have some more fun. This is another chapter in my guessing game about vintage jewelry designers. I'll give you some clues and a few photos and you see if you can figure out who the designer is. (the answer is at the bottom of the blog, reading backwards.)

Here are the clues:
  • I was founded in 1883 in Europe and was sold in the USA from 1915 through to today, although the company was sold by the original family owners in the 1990s.
  • First base of operation was in France
  • 4 generations of my family was involved in the jewelry business - Jacques, William, Robert and Donald were the first names
  • The first son also sold theatrical costumes for the Zeifeld Follies in New York
  • The designs were often reproductions of the fine jewelry from Europe
  • The jewelry designs included lots of use of precious and semi precious stones
  • The logo of the company was changed approximately every 20 years
  • Lots of gold washed and sterling silver pieces in the designs
  • Earrings used huge rollers for comfort
Here are some pictures of my designs:

Last two photos courtesy of ebay sellers fantasyofjewels and yoyolz

I am considered a very high end designer and some of my pieces command very high prices today. For more information and the answer to today's riddle, you can go to the designer page of the resource library on my website Vintage Jewelry Lane. (answer is also shown reading backwards at the bottom of this blog post.)

I'll be doing more of these riddles over the next weeks and months. Have fun with the series.
ANSWER: (read it backwards): 'eboH

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