Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jewelry Trends for Spring 2009 - Statement Jewelry

It appears that the era of minimilism, at least in the jewelry world, may be coming to an end. The recent Golden Globes, SAG awards and Oscar ceremonies showed a number of stars sporting what is now termed as "statement jewelry."

True to form the New York runways are now showing this type of jewelry, and then some! The pieces are HUGE. Readers of my blog know that I'm not fond of a bare neckline, but some of these necklaces look like they might need a some help carrying them before putting them on!

And, while I do love wide cuff bracelets, some of these bangles and bracelets fill up the whole forearm of the models:

The look extends to headwear and it appears that many of the major designers, including Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli. This was a trend that first appeared in the winter collections. The difference this season is that the jewelry appears to be matched with equally outlandish clothing as well, instead of the clothing showcasing the jewelry.

The jewelry shows bold colors, and exotic designs, as well as very modern designs. I have to admit - I like statement jewelry very much, but these statements are even more than my faint heart can bear.

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