Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zoey Gets Creative with Pearls for Valentine's Day

Readers of my blog know that I love to talk about the creative uses of jewelry in other than normal use and wear. Zoey's blog about tablescapes (which was recently named as blog of note) sometimes features table settings where she uses jewelry in inventive ways.

I talked about her use of a jade necklace a few weeks ago. She told me about a table she did - this time with pearls, for last year's Valentine's day with this pretty Valentine's Day Tablescape.

She told me that she bought this pearl necklace Christmas. It's strung on elastic, though, and when she tried to wear it, it kept turning over, so she decided it would be used on a future table setting.

She ended up with this pink, burgundy, and gold scheme which featured a crystal heart plate on top and a second small tiara glass gold heart in its center.

Zoey says she had been making a pink quilt before she did the tablescape (creative lady!) but couldn't bear to see food on it, so she draped it over a chair. The pearl necklace can be seen in this photo, draped over a white heart vase with flowers and a vintage lady's glove.

You can view the step by step progress of the Valentine's day tablescape in her recent blog. Thanks for letting me share, Zoey! She told me that she has another one all ready to preview soon - also for Valentine's day. I'll be checking to see what she has done for this year's table soon.

If you love pearls, be sure to visit my website, Vintage Jewelry Lane, for a wide selection of pearl jewelry of all types and price ranges. Whether you would like it for your neck, or your table - a la Zoey, I'm sure I have a piece that is just perfect.



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