Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

I love to love for websites that offer unusual vintage jewelry - those with creations that are out of the ordinary. One that I discovered today is a site which has a wide selection of typewriter key jewelry creations.

The owner of the site, Laura Bergeron, says that the keys used in their jewelry date back to the early 1900s. All of the jewelry that they offer uses keys that were originally found on old typewriters - all cleaned up of course.

I especially like this unusual bracelet. It is no longer available, but the site has a wide range of other styles which are similar.

If typewriter key jewelry doesn't turn you on, the site also has antique button jewelry, Victorian postcard jewelry, saltspoon jewelry, and antique cufflink jewelry. What a creative site!

Be sure to take a lot at all the Victorian Era curiosities - their artistry will amaze you, turn heads and inspire conversation. The prices are very reasonable for one of a kind items. The bracelet featured here was $78.00. And, as the site owner says - you will own a real piece of history as you relive the spirit of the Victorian Era in their unique pieces of jewelry.

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