Friday, February 27, 2009

Interesting Diamond Engagement Ring Idea

I don't normally blog too much about fine jewelry, but I recently received a comment on my blog from the owner of an interesting site connected with diamond engagement rings. I had a look, and the site seems interesting.

The website is called Diamonds for Her, but it isn't a normal site which sells diamond engagement rings. The owner of the site says that you can
  • Get the exact diamond or jewelry item you want *
  • Regardless of size, color, cut, clarity *
  • From a local jeweler in your area *
  • Without making a single phone call *
  • Without negotiating once *
  • Get Multiple bids *
  • For 50-80% less than the advertised prices *

They say that they bridge the gap between the jewelers that need to move inventory and consumers that want to get the best price.

I can't vouch for the site, since I have never used them, but if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, this could be a source to investigate.

Photo courtesy of Diamonds for her

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  1. Its a great stuff to see such type of creative idea. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.



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