Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Grammys - Jewelry Trends

I've never thought that the Grammy awards was a place to find new jewelry fashion trends. A lot of the stars dress in what I would describe as an "interesting way." But I always check out the photos after the event to see what they were wearing.

This years Grammys didn't disappoint. The women were largely disappointing and we had to look to the men to save the day with sharp suits and bold dashes of colour.
There seemed to be a preponderance of big bows and loosely draped gowns this year. The jewelry seemed to be a mix of big oval earrings, big rings, big cuff bracelets - many with big bold jewels, and nothing at the neck. This photo of Cheryl Crow gives a good indication of the jewelry look. I love her bangle - very funky!

The bows on dresses were something else - almost reminscent of Aretha Franklin's huge bow at Barack Obama's inauguration, but done in chiffon and satin! And the hemlines were, shall we say, miniscule. I can't say I am fond of the look.

Here is a list of the 2009 Grammy winners. Congratulations to all.

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