Monday, January 26, 2009

Michelle Obama's Birthday Earring Swap

Michelle Obama had a birthday on January 17. I don't know what she received this year, but the internet is all abuzz about last year's gift.

According to Michael Sneed, a gossip columnist from the Chicago Sun Times, last year Michelle got a gift she can believe in! Sneed reported in Sunday's Sun Times that, for Michelle's birthday in 2008, Obama purchased his wife diamond earrings for a reported $5,000, which she returned for earrings with bigger diamonds that cost $12,000.
Sneed's source was Sherry Bender, the owner of Goldsmith Ltd., at 900 N. Michigan. I can't imagine why Bender would be so indiscreet. Surely she must know that Michelle is unlikely to frequent the store after this leak. Sneed did contact Michelle Obama's office for details about the birthday gift, but was not able to get a comment about the exchange.

Bender told Sneed "Mr. Obama came in himself and picked out a pair of earrings for Michelle, which were sort of long and dramatic, and the diamond dangled at the bottom." A short time, later, Bender continues, "Michelle came in, returned the earrings, looked around and picked out something a little more classic, with bigger stones, that was twice the price. She wanted to check with her husband first -- then Barack came back in and bought what she wanted -- which happened to be what I suggested originally."

Bender, who designed the earrings continued: "It was pretty typical of a married couple. But that was what was cute about it."

I guess this shows that women everywhere aren't alone - even the first lady will exchange a gift from her husband for one more to her liking. Of course, our exchanges don't hit the pages of the Sun Times - lucky for us!

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