Saturday, January 24, 2009

7th Annual Ugly Necklace Contest - 2009

I have to admit it - I have a weird sense of humor. I find a lot of things funny that others think are just odd. I discovered a new jewelry making contest the other day that really made me laugh.

The contest is called the Annual Ugly Necklace Contest - 2009. The contest is open to both US and International designers. As the site says There are talented Ugly-Necklace Jewelry Designers everywhere!

The first prize winner will receive a $992.93 shopping spree on the Land of Odds web-site ( The runner up will receive a $399.07 shopping spree on the web-site. Deadline for submisssions is March 15, 2009.

You can find rules and application forms for the ugly necklace contest on the Land of Odds Website, as well as link to past winners and photos of winning designs. One of my personal favorites from a past contest is this enormous necklace by Michelle Geschke from Springfield, Oregon, a Semi-Finalist in the 2006 contest.

Hmmm....let's go see what I can find to put together some sort of "creative masterpiece." Check back later for news on this year's finalists and winners.


  1. Wow!
    Thanks for the mention, I haven't seen that piece in a long time!
    With appreciation,
    Michelle Geschke from beyondthebead(dot)com

  2. My pleasure Michelle. That piece really was my favorite. I love all the colors in it.

  3. I like that all collections ............ such a greatful

  4. I cannot see .. since it is small picture .. but it is superb for the black color dress ... love it



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